About Echo

Echo is an active mythic raiding guild, with the aim for CE each tier. The guild has a strong social core and many of its members consider each other friends. We PvE, PvP and sometimes play other games together.

The guild started out as Mutiny on the realm Magtheridon. During previous expansions it has seen its highs and lows, and in 2019 a new set of officers and raiders were given control over the guild. We have since been working hard to climb up the rankings and make our guild a nice place to hang out in our spare time.

In September 2019 we decided to move to Tarren Mill, as our previous realm no longer offered us what we were looking for. We moved the whole raid team over and are very proud of this feat. Due to naming restrictions we had to pick a new name for our guild and we settled on Echo.

This guild got me laid.
— Kattz, Feral Druid

What We've Achieved

  • Emerald Nightmare : 7/7 M

  • Nighthold Mythic : 10/10 M

  • Tomb of Sargeras : 7/9 M

  • Antorus : 6/11 M

  • Uldir : 2/8 M

  • Battle of Dazar’alor : 6/9M

  • Got Kattz laid

  • Many friendships are formed in this guild